Yes super excited about seeing the terracotta warriors.  I love history, even though I don’t read up on it as much as I should.  But it’s always been one of the things I really wanted to see, which also included the great wall and forbidden city.


Side note, China is actually not a bad country.  They got a lot of beautiful mountains, good natural scenic locations and history. It’s just some of the people…I guess that’s what happens when you are still a developing country per se.  But yes, this trip has made me want to go to more Chinese cities in the future.


Back to Terracotta Warriors.  These stone statute warriors was supposedly built by the emperor Qin, apparently they believed that in the afterlife they needed to bring their own army.  Or maybe it was to fend off anyone that tried to get into his Tomb (I am assuming there is a lot of treasure and relics in his tomb).

Don’t know if it will work though.  These are stone statutes, they don’t actually move.


Well no shit.

There’s three exhibition halls, number 1 is the biggest and has the most complete set of terracotta warriors.  2 and 3 are much smaller, and is still going through the excavation phase….hence there’s not a lot of shit to see.  If you are tired like we were, just go straight to hall number one.

and then go home.


Because there is a lot of damn walking going on here.  City people eh?  We can’t even last on our feet for 4 hours.

Which reminds me, I need to go get some exercise.


Anyways, there are buses that goes to the Terracotta warrior site, do some research you lazy ass and you will find it.

Funny I said you were lazy because I didn’t do any research myself hahah I relied on other people to do it for me.  I am a truly lazy ass.

Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on March 29 2016


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