Seriously, it took me close to 20 minutes to get the open rice link for this restaurant.  Mainly because I can’t write chinese on my laoptop.  Don’t know why, before I could at least do pin yin.  Now nothing works.  I just found the link…and it’s in chinese so it’s not going to show up properly on my blog..argh fuck it.

Just copy and paste the name above and put it into google.



I need to get a new laptop bad.

Had dinner at Hung Hom wet market because my buddy Justin is going away and he decided to go to this restaurant called’ Man Gay Seafood Restaurant”

Man Gay…no it’s not what I mean.  It’s literally the straight pronunciation of the restaurant in Cantonese.  They don’t seem to have a english name which makes it even harder to find.  Maybe just copy the characters in the title above and ask someone which restaurant I am talking about.

3This place was pretty good. They actually have Chiu Chow food which is awesome because I love Chiu Chow food.  But ever since the place I usually go to in TST closed down, I’ve been failing to find another good Chiu Chow Place.

Think I might come here again actually for Chiu Chow Food.

This post is starting to not make sense because I am typing this from Sydney.  I just landed, and I am super exhausted.

It just means I am super dedicated to my blog! Stop giving me shit about it!  Just enjoy the photos…

Written from Sydney, Sheraton on The Park on June 5.


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