I was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for business for a week.  People say there is not much to do in Riyadh, that it’s boring, that you only get a pleasant experience if you have a family etc.

Well I am here to say, that in my opinion, the above is absolutely true. LoL.  If you google must do in Riyadh, the things that come out are “malls” and government buildings.  That’s right, I didn’t know where I should go during the weekend which is pretty sad given that I have never been to this city.



To be honest, I was also bit scared (yes I was scared problem?).  I wasn’t familiar with the surroundings, the culture was really conservative and being the super un-conservative person that I am I was worried I would offend some people.

But nonetheless, I gathered my courage and stepped out into the hectic streets of Riyadh.

And headed to the Kingdom center, a tall building with a mall and a bridge at the top of the building giving you a birds eye view of the city.


It costed me 60SAR (20USD).  Quite expensive, considering that I only spent 15 minutes there lol.  It took me longer to get up to the bridge than spending time at the top.  I don’t know, i mean it’s just a bridge with a gorgeous view of the city.  But it wasn’t like wowwww I must stay here..so whatever.

Getting up there was a pain in the ass too.  You have to take two elevators just get to the top.  Yes, again it took me longer to get up there than me actually staying at the bridge.

Yeah, it was a meh experiencing judging from this post lol.

Written from Riyadh, Sheraton on May 19, 2016.

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