Hong Kong


This place is damn GHETTTTTOO.

But you can use that terminology to describe over half the restaurants in Hong Kong.  Which is what makes Hong Kong restaurants so unique, AND SO DAMN DELICIOUS.  ARGHHH.  So the story goes it was a sunday afternoon, we slept till 1PM obviously and got up being hungry.


And that’s not fun for a Sunday afternoon.  We also didn’t want to just stay in for the whole day (I just got back from a 3 week business trip) so I wanted to go out and explore the beautiful city of Hong Kong.

So we ended up in Tai Po.

God damn.


But it wasn’t too bad.  I have been here before where I ate a lot of seafood.  So after 10 minutes of wandering around the area and finding absolutely NO FOOD, we decided to just go back to the seafood market.  And voila!

THIS PLACE WAS JAM PACKED!!  People everywhere, dishes being served everywhere, and of course noise everywhere.


Like dude, it was 230PM why the hell are people still eating?

Uh, but I am also eating 230PM…..guess it’s not really a legitimate reason.  So yeah, we walked around the market (which really is like a food court) and settled on one restaurant CALLED 東記上海麵 that sold pork noodles.  Why?

Because everyone else was ordering.  And kid you not, ONE OF THE BEST PORK NOODLE DISHES I HAVE HAD.  EVER.  Dude you need to try it.


So damn good.

The downside is that it takes forever for the dish to come, on my watch it was about a 20 minute wait.  And because there were so many people lining up for that one restaurant, we had to sit on the tables of other restaurants (tables are designated for each resto)…and because we were not ordering food from them we had to order drinks…blah whatever.

It was all worth it.  You. Need. To. Try. This!


Written from Hong Kong, Home on May 4, 2016

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