What’s the first animals that comes to mind when you think of Australia? I bet Kangaroo and Koalas are on the top of your list!  I know it was on mine, so I made it my life mission (ok maybe not life, but definitely a goal) to see kangaroos and koalas.  If possible, I want to even hold a koala!  Did I get to hold one?  Well you have to read on to find out =p


The place we went to see these awesome animals was the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, which was only 20 minutes away from the city.

Admission is about AUD35, despite the price I recommend first timers to Brisbane / Australia to come here.  Unforgettable experience!  Although the main attractions of this sanctuary is Koala (well duh look at the name) you have to go visit the Kangaroos.  There, you can buy Kangaroo food for only 2 bucks a bag.  Great deal.  There you can chill with Kangaroos, and chill with them.  And chill I did:


hahah, the Kangaroos are so used to human interaction that they didn’t even care I was there posing with them.  The above picture I will call “How you doing?” =p. hahah.  weird.

I also did a selfie with one of the Kangaroos that I was feeding nonstop.  Yes I think even animals needs to be bribed before they will do something for you:


OKAY.  So did I hold a Koala?


Hell yeah I did.  Initially I thought this would cost a whopping AUD150 (The “VIP” experience per the website).  I was happy to found out that this was not the case.  Well not for the VIP experience anyways.  For a photo with a Koala, it only cost AUD18, and you get to keep the picture.  Now that’s a great deal.  The Koala was gentle and docile, but man their claws are sharp.  Luckily they didn’t dig into my skin or else I would have to sue somebody.  They were pretty heavy too…..

6I really envy Koala life.  All they do is eat, and sleep.  I want to just eat, and sleep.  Sigh.

Was this day fun?  You bet it was fun.  Seriously, come and visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary,  you won’t be disappointed =)


Finally, the Brisbane team of me, daisy, and julie =)

Written from Brisbane, Four Points on February 9 2015

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