Ah. Jagalchi Fish market in Busan, Korea.  The locals tell me don’t go there, it’s a rip off.  Internet says all tourists should visit.  I am a tourist.  I will visit.

We honestly did not know how to order the food in this market.  Were we suppose to buy it and then go home to cook it?  Were we suppose to go straight to the restaurant?  Were we suppose to buy the seafood, and then they will bring it the restaurant to cook it?


Luckily for us, it was option number 3.  Otherwise it would have been pretty bad.  Imagine bringing some raw seafood back to the hotel room.  And then you realize you don’t live in a presidential suite thus you are not able to cook the fish.  That means you have to give the fish away.


That would suck.  But we were lucky.  There were restaurants that cooked.

Note – last time I can to Busan the market was closed…..so I was really happy that I finally got the chance to try the seafood in Jalgachi Fish Market.

This link will give you more information about where the market is located.  This blog is not used to provide information like that.  This blog is used to provide my own personal opinion.  That’s why you probably won’t find this blog useful.

So anyways, we ordered a lot of seafood.  Fish, Oyster (SO GOOD), and crab.  Okay maybe we didn’t order that much stuff.  But there was only two of us, so we couldn’t order too much to begin with.

What can I say…the Oyseter was so dam good.  My biggest regret? We ordered two oysters and decided to deep fry the other one….should have just at it raw…oh well.  Next time I know!

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