The vacation that we have planned for months now.

I was soooo excited as this was a doing nothing sit on your ass kind of vacation.  Something that I dearly needed from all the hard working I have been putting into life.

hah, who am I kidding.



I found out about the Sheraton Dameisha Resort when I was working with our staff in Guangzhou last year.  He was from Shanghai and during the weekend he opted to go to Shenzhen at this place called the Sheraton Dameisha Resort.  At first I am like why the hell would you go to Shenzhen for a weekend getaway, aren’t there better places in China to go to during the weekend?

Apparently not.

This was suppose to be a super good place to go.

The idea of going to Shenzhen for a weekend was incepted into my mind since then.  I wanted to check this resort out.  A major plus is that it’s so damn close to me, literally 1 hour max door to door.  Going through customs is always a bitch but it’s something I have come to grips with during my multiple business trips to China.  So it didn’t bother me much.  Got off at the Lo Wu border, and took a taxi to the resort.  It was about 2PM that time and a couple of the taxi drivers didn’t want to take me because they were getting off work.  Fuckers.

I got on the next one and pretended I did not know Chinese.



Got to the hotel, costed only about RMB80?  Not too bad.  Checked in. The service is sub par, but the hotel is nice.  I got upgraded to a suite which was a double win for me.

Perks of this hotel? let me list them out:

  • Not a lot of people.  We were there from Thursday to Sunday.  Not a lot of people at the pools.
  • The sauna is amazing
  • The food is okay
  • The view is amazing
  • The beach is as private as it gets in China
  • I was able to get a lot of sleep



So yes, overall awesome vacation.  You can even argue it was a “Staycation”.  It doesn’t matter to me, I got a lot of reading done, a lot of writing done.   I wasn’t able to post as much as I would like as China likes to block wordpress so I am out of luck there.

Definitely will come back!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 5 2016


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