In one of my earlier posts …

wrote that Qatar was still trying to find it’s identity. This can be clearly seen when you go the Museum of Islamic Art. Why? Because all the artifacts and relics were from other Where’s the stuff from Qatar? Everything was from Iran or India or China……very interesting .




It’s still a must go given that there is not much to do in Doha to begin with lol.

AND it’s free, so fuck yeah!

Should go! Apparently the building was designed by a chinese…..interesting…..

The first thing you notice immediately when you enter into the museum is that the air conditioning is damn cold. Like very cold. Like freezer cold. I got sick that day because outside it felt like you were in an oven, and then you step into this cold freezer called the are bound to get sick.


And sick I got that day. Slept at 8PM I recalled. Was not fun.

So yeah walked around the museum saw some pretty cool looking stuff…totally don’t remember what it was about though…because I was starting to get sick.



There was also a Mohammad Ali exhibition on the top floor, which was really cool. They had his gloves, old videos, posters etc. Fascinating for someone that doesn’t follow boxing…

Overall, was a nice walk through the Museum. It’s free. And it’s cold…..and if you want to learn about the history of other countries…definitely come by….

Written from the Sheraton, Sydney on August 16, 2016. 

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