This will be a very long post because I took a LOT of pictures.

Not sure why. Lately I have been into taking pictures and upping my filtering game. Pretty fun. You know what’s also fun? Eating good food at this lovely lounge bar at the  Renaissance  hotel in Shanghai.




Entrance of the lounge bar. Pretty cool looking R.




I ordered the beef burger (what a surprise right?). I have been on boss level in terms of cutting out the carbs when eating burgers. This was easily done by taking out 1.5 out of the 2 pieces of bread out. Yes you can make the argument I was basically eating steak. With veggies on the side.

Le colleague ate the Hainan chicken which optically, looked really BAD ASS.

I might even eat that next time.


Next, some awesome decor of the bar. Their main theme is purple. I don’t know why…it reminded me of Tylenol which was not really appetizing..I hated the taste of Tylenol when I was young.





Bar where all the magic happens. By magic I mean making the damn drinks you dirty minded person!


What the fuck is this thing?


For my beverage of choice, I used my hard earned cash on this beautiful Macallan 12 years. Did you know that Macallan is going stopped putting the age on their whiskey? I personally heard that because it’s so damn delicious they cannot keep up with the demand, so they just did away with the aging. My rule is to always order Macallan if it’s available.

Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on September 25, 2016

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  1. Such a surprise to find a tasty looking burger in Shanghai of all places.

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