Was hosted by our local friends one night and mannnnn………..

Did they ever order a lot of food at United Kitchens. They ordered a lot of dishes from all parts of India. Apologizes in advance as I do not remember the names or history of most of the dishes..I was too damn busy eating!

And drinking of course hhahaha…


Entrance of the restaurant. Looks so funky with all the weird colors haha…

and also United Kitchens….who made that name up?

I guess it’s because they are “uniting” all the indian cuisines under one roof..makes sense.


Favorite dish. Bite size tacos?? Delicious. Where can I find this in Hong Kong?? I do not know..




Some breads that we had.

Must have since everything is so fucking spicy here! No seriously, I am a spicy eater my self but damn…..people here eat spicy.


Written from Park Hyatt, Hyderabad on January 25, 2017

Categories: Hyderabad

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6 replies

  1. Didn’t you try Hyderabadi Biriyani ?? That’s one of the famous dishes.

  2. I love it spicy and when it itches in ma throat even more. But my friends told me that might be an allergic reaction. I like it😁 though

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