Hong Kong


We were applying for our India visa in Wan Chai, which took forever.

We weren’t able to leave till 1ish which by then we were completely famished. SUPER HUNGRYYY. And because of that we needed something quick, and something nearby the Indian consulate.

Otherwise, we would have fainted. And that would be shitty because it would take the ambulance forever to get to Wanchai, better off taking the MTR.

That would not be fun.

And thus, enter Wah Sing, a local chinese eatery.

And I was not joking when I said this was very local. I mean, local people, local food, local service. What is local service you are asking?


Local service means super fast ass service.

We sat down, waiter immediately came to take our order, 10 minutes later we were out the door. Talk about high turnover.

But hey at least they were not rude. Actually come to think of it, they were quite nice and cool. They must really love their job.


They have a very simple menu here. Basically noodles with pork. Or beef. You literally only have 3 options. Which was fine by me, I didn’t want to think what I needed to order at that time.



All the dishes comes with toast. scrambled eggs and ham. The scrambled eggs were BAD ASS, definitely recommend this to everyone. Hell this is even advertised as their signature dish.

There were a lot of Leslie Cheung pictures lying around, among other celebrities (i.e. Eason). I was told that the same owner of the restaurant used to own a record company, which Leslie was a part of.

Now that’s pretty cool, owing a record company AND a local eatery. My dream.


Written from Hong Kong, Home on October 6 2016



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