2017 Ponders

CHOI PONDERS – February 2017

Feb 1 – Got section 600 seats to the raps game..ended up sitting at the 110s lol.

Feb 3 – montreal is sooooo cold

Feb 4- never have enough time at home

Feb 5 – pats win! brady greatest qb of all time

Feb 7 – coming down with a cold…

Feb 8 – Cold is gone! But not looking forward to the 15 hour flight back to HKG…

Feb 10 – woke up at 4 and jogged till 630 legs dyinggg

Feb 12 – bought a new game. Game doesnt work. Fuck.

Feb 14 – havent been impressed with hong kong restaurants lately…oh and happy valentines day

Feb 15 – Gah..still so tired

Feb 16 – dam that chicken pot dish was good

Feb 17 – 15 hour flight to Jeddah (HKG – DOHA – JEDDAH). I died.

Feb 18 – Woke up at 2PM. See thought from Feb 17. Walked through the Corniche, pretty nice.

Feb 20 – Busy at work! Prayer times shutting down restaurants! And i need a massage BAD.

Feb 21 – I was so tired today. I dont sleep well. I also need more sun.

Feb 24 – could not find food at the balad

Feb 25 – love waking up early on a weekend!

Feb 26 – Crunch time! Let’s get this project DONE!

Feb 28 – arghhh stomach not wellll

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