So interesting story about Ripples Point.…..

I actually tried to come here a couple of times, but I only was able to eat here once. Why? because I am a full out idiot.

The first time I tried to come here, it took me 45 minutes to find this place, and still couldn’t find it. Why? Because I entered the wrong fucking address. I took the postal code as the street number, and entered it into the GPS. As we drove on, it came apparent that we were NOT heading towards the restaurant. Why? because we ended up in some ghetto ass dark suburb.  We finally realized my stupid mistake, and proceeded to head back to the right direction.




Finally when we got to the restaurant we were like fuck yeah!! Finally! Paid for parking, walked to the restaurant and was told they were closed.


I was so pissed. I haven’t had this much fail in a long long time. Determined to come back, we made reservations a couple days later.


And yes, this time around it was super successful. The restaurant is literally right below the Harbor Bridge, which is literally 10 minutes from our hotel. Again, what a fail the first time around.

okay on to the restaurant. Why the hell have I never been here? The food is great, not that pricey, and you are situated right below the bridge! Beautiful! Beautiful restaurant! We had meatball as starters, and then I ordered the beef cheek. Was sooooooooo tender. Literally melt off the bone. Gosh, Ripples Point you are damn good.




8I will be back!

Written from Sheraton on The Park, Sydney on August 20 2016

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