Il Mulino was where we had dinner one night in Munich.

Lovely restaurant, on a nice chilly night. Can’t really complain when it’s good food, good company.

The only shitty thing is… I don’t remember what I ordered! sorry..



This was the desert. My photos are in backward orders hahaha but whatevs, doesn’t really matter.

This post is turning out to be a complete disaster. Don’t hate. It’s 10 at night on a weekday. I am super tired.


Chicken dish? Pork Dish? Sorry forgot… it was a set dinner that night so I didn’t order..and as such I would not have remembered what I ordered.

Kind of bad right? It’s like if you were to ever use my blog as a reference to order food at this restaurant you won’t be able to order the same dish…unless you show the waiter this crappy photo…



A DIY menu. haha really good. Good job!


Appetizer. This was delicious as I recall. Especially the salmon. Love Salmon.

Sorry for the uninformative post…too tired! too tired!

But this place…

Two thumbs up!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on December 15, 2016

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