2017 Ponders

CHOI PONDERS – April 2017

April 1 – Disappointing chicken pot…in shenzhen for the night as well

April 2 – gah so tired. Woke up at 530…

April 3 – 3rd in fantasy!

April 4 – this guy is great at massages tore me apart #nohomo

April 5 – “lets watch some porn”

April 6 – I am like a child. I am also fat.

April 7 – I am so gassy and bloated today.

April 9 – well that was a crazy night

April 10 – so so sooo tired

April 11 – cant handle late nights

April 12 – “dont let them say u aint beautiful”

April 14 – i love the desert

April 15 – Fuck you Arabian Tea House Cafe

April 16 – love boat rides!

April 17 – why do u suck in the playoffs kyle lowry

April 18 – Best video to date

April 19 – Good. Raptors won. It’s a good day.

April 20 – need to find awesome jamaican food in hk. and going home!

April 21 – Jet Lag to the max..in other news i fixed my blog!

April 23 – Raps win!

April 24 – Opened my mind

April 26 – Love final fantasy

April 28 – In seoul…kind of over seoul though at the moment.

April 29 – N Grill good food good atmosphere good views. Only con? Fucking expensive.

April 30 – Always good to be home!

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