Finally. The Taj Mahal!

CHECKED OFF MY BUCKET LIST BABY! Even though it was a stupid foggy day, I can finally say I was at the TAJ  MAHAL! Booya!

Side note – wayyyyyyyyyyy behind in my blogging. Been really busy, traveling maybe but also mainly because I just haven’t had the time to sit down and properly piece together a post.

Not that I properly do it to begin..anyways.




Gorgeous view from the Taj. Not going to say too much of this place because it’s so damn popular to begin with. Just google it you lazy ass.

I hired a local tour guy because why the f*ck not, and he recommended that we head out at 6AM to catch the sunrise. Apparently the Taj will have different colors based on the timing of day, and based on how the sun shines on it. So I am like alright let’s do this.

Gonna Pack in the Go Pro.

Until he told me I have to leave my go pro at the lockers because videography is forbidden here.

Yeah okay fuck that.

It was foggy like I said anyways, pictures would have turned out like this:



So yes, this was definitely a surreal moment. Equivalent to the Red Square in Moscow. Can’t believe I was standing in front of one of the most fabulous, beautiful architectures in the world.



The sun was very beautiful, despite the smog. Actually I thought the smog makes the Sun look pretty cool, like an “Indian Sun”. haha.



The view when you enter into the Taj. You can see there were a lot of people already, and it will only get more packed as the day goes on.

So I do suggest going early in the morning.

If you can wake up.


Our walk to the Taj. It takes about 10 minutes. You can get a bike ride or even ride a horse (or so I have been told). But come on, it’s only 10 minutes, walk that yo!

Beautiful experience at the Taj.

Written from Guangzhou, Westin on November 15, 2016


    1. for sure! and yeah this smog…its like everywhere nowadays…it’s pretty bad actually….someone one clear up the skies for us!!

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