Hong Kong


You know what I hate?

Restaurants that lie.

Or at least I think they are lying. Like what the fuck why you trying to act like your super full / busy when you clearly have a lot of empty tables inside? Is it done on purpose? For marketing?

Or is it because your service is crap and you can’t lead your customers to a table on a timely manner?

These were the questions that were swirling in my mind when we were waiting for lunch at Simply Life at New Town Plaza in Shatin.

There was a LONG ASS WAIT.

We had to wait 20 minutes ourselves. Like wtf! This is simply life…why is it so busy?

When we finally got in I saw all these fucking empty tables.




There was at least 3 other tables that were empty!

Like come on man, it was empty for at least 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes you could have shorten the line by 3 parties.


Are you trying to lie and make it seem like your restaurant is super busy?

Your food isn’t even that bad! Why you need to do that?! Your salad is not bad! Why you have to pretend you are busy!?




Your chicken was delicious too! Though it was a bit small for me…but it’s also because I didn’t have any carbs so it’s probably why I was super hungry after still.

But to my point again..why…why do you need to make it look like your restaurant is super packed? and making people wait?

 My meal even came with a ice tea! like whatttt a combo like this for 100 bucks? You can’t find that anywhere.


Good price.

Good food.

Why you gotta make people wait?



Seems busy right?
Not bad salad

Chicken in a sexy pose

Steak Sandwich

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 26, 2017

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