We were in Shenzhen during the Canada Day weekend…..

because what better place to celebrate freedom, free of speech, peace than in China?




Actually we came because I got free accommodation at the St. Regis so let’s not waste that shit right?

Got to Shenzhen around lunch time and I WAS STARVING.  Luckily Life Boss knew where to eat because she is a super planner.  She said let’s eat at the Grandma Restaurant.

Okay! Unfortunately the website is in all chinese so yeah..can’t help you there.

Long ass wait
Outside the restaurant

Got there and the place was PACKED! Had to wait for 15 minutes, usually I don’t like to wait for my food but since Life Boss was there I decided to behave nicely this time around.

15 minutes passed and we finally got called in! Woo hoo!


SAT DOWN AND I WAS STARVING!! So I let Life Boss order most of the dishes. Let’s start with the chicken drowned in a very salty soup base:

Salty Chicken

In the beginning that dish wasn’t too bad. Maybe because it wasn’t drowned in salt yet. Once we got to the bottom of the dish it was salty as fuck! Couldn’t finish it.

Next up was eel. I loveeeeeee eel.


Unfortunately I did not love this eel. I like my eel steamed……and like..there was not much flavors here…this was the start of the no flavor theme at this restaurant.

Bland ass shit

The above is some naan-like bread dish. It was so bland. There was no flavors. Like what the hell I could make this at home probably (Probably not).

Next up is the veggie dish. It’s just raw vegetables thrown in together…man…why do we order veggie dishes…


Another veggie dish:

Another veggie dish with no flavor

Another dish that had no flavors.

What the hell am I paying for?



This place was packed so I guess the restaurant is pretty popular and good? I think my palette was just not made for China cuisine. China cuisine is just pure oil and flavorless dishes.

Not my thing.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 3, 2017


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