It’s been 4 years Singapore……………..

That’s right. 4 Years! What a long ass time.

That being said, we landed around 1PM and fuck was it ever hot.

So what to do on a hot sunny day?


Go to the tallest bar in the city to get some breeze. That’s how I ended up at the Ce La Vie bar at the Marina Sands with le father.

Ce La Vie Bar
Damn sexy photos

First thing firsts, you need to pay an entrance fee of 20SGD per head, up front. You do get a voucher to redeem food / drinks of the same amount, so think of it as a minimum charge.

I guess that makes sense. You don’t want people to just go up, snap a photo and not pay anything. This is a business people, they need to make money.

Plus, the view itself is worth the 20SGD.

Damn sexy photos part 2
Damn sexy photos part 3

You can also buy a ticket to the observatory deck if you don’t want to have drinks / food.

But fuck that, I rather sit back and enjoy the view with a drink.

But you can’t just have drinks. You gotta order some snacks!

Chicken Wings and Oyster
Beer + Margarita

We ordered the Korean boneless chicken wings and oyster. Oyster was fresh which was good otherwise we be shitting like crazy.

Chicken wings was alright, a bit sweet which meant le father couldn’t eat as much.

You totally need to come here if this is your first few times in in Singapore.

View is fucking gorgeous.

Written from Singapore,  Pan Pacific Hotel on November 20, 2017

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