I was in Manila for the first time in 2017.

Yes. I am way behind in my posts.

And I love it. Means I have done a bit of traveling.

Also means I am publishing a lot of non sense to in the internet. The fuck you gonna do about it.

Okay. Back to Manila.

I loved every minute of my time there. Manila and Philippines gets a bad rep by the media. People here are nice, I feel safe (although I am staying in the nicer part of town), and it’s a beautiful city.


I am not a big fan of Filipino food.

Sorry my Filipino friends, I just can’t get into it.

my bad

BUT, I must say Lechon Pork at Golden Cowrie was one of the meals I enjoyed (I just said I don’t like Filipino food but yet I like Lechon Pork LoL I don’t make sense).

Golden Cowrie is a pretty casual dining place.

Which is good. Choi doesn’t need fine dining shit for lunch. So I am cool with that.

But because Choi doesn’t do any damn research either, so I have no idea what to order.

So what did I do? Ask the friendly waiter what I should eat of course!

Without hesitation, the friendly waiter immediately said “You have to try the Lechon Pork”.



What is lechon pork?



When the Lechon Pork arrived to me, it reminded me of the Hong Kong styled Roasted Pork. The same Pork I get every day.

Therefore why is it so famous in Manila? It’s everywhere in Hong Kong!

It was still delicious as fuck so no complaints here.

Upon closer inspection on the internet I found the following facts:

  • Lechon is a pork dish that is popular in Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic
  • For Philippines, this dish is prepared for special occasions and holidays
  • Pig is cooked by putting it on a large stick and cooking it over charcoal

Pig on a large stick, cooking over charcoal? Definitely sounds like Hong Kong roasted pork to me.

View from the restaurant.


It was a gorgeous day in Manila, loved eating pork while looking out to the blue skies, blue sea.

I am such a romantic.

Wonder if Life boss would like this pork?



Couldn’t get the women out of my picture
Table for 1

Written from Manila, Conrad Hotel on September 12, 2017


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