Has anyone had Soba noodles before?

For those that haven’t, feel free to move the fuck on because it’s hard to entertain someone that’s never eaten Soba noodles before.

But Choi, I want to learn.


Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour, and can be served both hot or cold though from personal experience, I prefer the cold ones. Just feels more refreshing.

But truth be told I haven’t eaten much noodles in general, as I am being told by life boss to chill the fuck out on noodles. She says I need to go gluten free to solve my stomach problems. and to be fair to her, so far so good.

So good on ya Life Boss.

good job

But for a normal person, are soba noodles healthy?

As Choi is no medical expert, I will proceed to copy information from and summarize the pros and cons:

  • Buckwheat flour (what soba noodles is made of) is protective against heart diseases
  • It’s rich in Phytonutrients (whatever the fuck that means)
  • Soba noodles does not offer significant amount of essential vitamins
  • Its gluten free…..wait what?

What? It’s gluten free? Well fuck my life.


All this time I thought I couldn’t order soba noodles.

God this is so dumb. But this is a good segway as to why I pose the question about Soba noodles in the first place.

I wanted to tell you about our dining experience at this Japanese Restaurant called Nadai Fujisoba. 




Located in the Mall of Asia, Nadai Fujisoba is one of Japan’s oldest 24/7 Soba Noodle restaurants.

Like how old? like 1966 old.

Damn that’s old.

They have a lot of branches in Philippines too, interesting.

But their soba noodles must be damn delicious right?  Well let me tell you now.

I have NO, idea.

I didn’t order the noodles, because I thought I thought it has gluten in it.

So yes, I am a dumbass. Should have done my research before hand.

Instead I ordered a Katsu Don lol.


My katsu don was pretty bad ass. I liked it. Though it was carby as fuck due to the white rice.  So bad for me.

I need to write another post about how low carb diet is the shit. As in is THE BOMB aka good for you. But that’s for another post, for another day.

We also ordered some appetizers to share (I was eating with co workers): 1) Fried Chicken 2) Tempura



Food was good…………..

But I am so curious as to whether their soba noodles is good as well? I don’t know. I hope someone can answer this question.

BUT, what I do know is that soba noodles is quite healthy for you. So fuck this shit, Imma eat a lot of soba noodles next time!


Written from Manila, Conrad Hilton on September 15, 2017


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