We were at a Korean Wedding.

So you know it would be a night of hardcore drinking. I mean, we all know Koreans are one of the top drinkers in the world, as I have experience personally on many occasions.

So what happens after a night of drinking? You fucking get a shitty hangover.

What are the symptoms of a hangover? It’s what we felt the following morning:

  • Dehydrated
  • Tired
  • Felt Fat
  • Sluggish
  • Unable to process anything

Naturally, we needed a meal to DETOX BADLY!

Usually for Choi, Hangover food consists of the following:

  • PHO – probably one of the best hangover foods around
  • Pizza – them carbs plus tomato sauce so good
  • Burger and Fries – nothing beats hangover than with a combination of unhealthy foods

We were in Seoul though, so I had no idea where to get any of the above.


So what is a man to do?

Rely on his fucking female friends to lead the way.


Thank goodness I had my female friends with me. Otherwise I be starving at home and probably die from dehydration.

My friend suggested to detox with Congee at Bonjuk


When my friend suggested this I wasn’t too excited at first, not a really big congee fan.

Just seems so bland to me.

No flavor, just rice in hot water.

Doesn’t really seem like a good hangover food for me.

So Choi, why the fuck you name this post “Why Congee is good for hangovers?”.

Good point, because Life Boss says so.

Per life boss, these are the reasons why congee is good for hangovers:

“It’s hydrating”.

“I don’t knorrrrrwwwwww (Australian Accent), got some carbs, so maybe it settles your stomach maybe?

“It warms your stomach?”


Life boss is definitely not helping. Well let Choi propose some other points why it feels good to eat congee after a night of drinking:

  • It’s something that is clean and healthy and nutritious – something your body desperately needs
  • It’s cheap – if its damn expensive congee then you are a boss
  • You can make this at home if you want to – don’t need to go out when you are dying

That’s all Choi can think of as well.


Pretty useless post so far. Let’s just focus on the congee that we had at  Bonjuk

There are a bunch of Bonjuks around Seoul, but the one that I went to was near Ewha Women’s University.  I don’t know of any other locations but if you google “bonjuk” there should be plenty of locations around Seoul. Or ask a local.

  • Read the menu and the spicy seafood congee immediately jumped out for me. Yes I know I am suppose to flush out all the shit that I ate last few days (Churros, beef ribs, beer, chicken wings, pork bone soup just to name a few). BUT, I love my spices so fuck this shit I am going to get me a spicy seafood congee.  This shit was GOOD! The damn base was so flavorful and spicy. The rice was not smooshy like chinese congee. There was texture to the rice, loved it. Wished there were more seafood but meh minor details. UntitledUntitled
  • What did my two other lady friends get? One got the crab meat congee. The other got the double abalone congee. DOUBLE ABALONE? Someone’s a baller!UntitledUntitled

I was told the double abalone congee did not have much taste. So fail on that part. What’s the point of doubling down on abalone if there is no taste to it? So DON’T ORDER THAT ONE if you want my advice.

The crab meat however, was damn fine. You can order that, or my spicy congee.

I would say spicy congee because I have damn good taste.

Let me know if you guys also think Congee is a good hangover food!Untitled

Written from Hong Kong, Home on March 28, 2018


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