Elephants are so damn majestic.

I never noticed that until I saw them in person during our elephant tour in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka. But yeah. they are so peaceful, just chilling and eating grass.

What a life that is.

Wish I could be an elephant sometimes.

To see these elephants, we rented a jeep and a driver who took us to a local elephant national park. If you are asking me what the name of the park is then you are out of luck.

I don’t remember.

What I could do is show you some awesome pictures of the national park:

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Aye so damn beautiful right?

But where are the elephants?

That was the first thought that came through my head.

We arrived at the national park and there were no elephants in sight.

Damn it, are we at an another tourist trap?

Then suddenly our driver got excited.

I looked, and there was ONE elephant standing by the tree.

Sri Lanka

Damn it. Is this what we signed up? To see one depressing elephant chilling by a random tree?

Perhaps the driver noticed our distraught look, because he quickly started driving again. He saw that we were not impressed.

Who would? We came all the way from Hong Kong just so we can see one damn elephant? I might as well just youtube that shit.

I started getting angry when suddenly our driver started slowing down again.

That’s when I knew our driver had delivered. Had succeeded. Had accomplished his mission.

Because there in front of us, was an entire herd of elephants!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

I have never seen so many elephants in the wild.

Usually I only see them in confined areas that is as big as my hong kong apartment (aka not big at all). Feel kind of bad when I saw those elephants actually.

But these ones, you can tell they are happy. Just free to wander around, eating, chilling, shitting.

Just how life should be.

They also seemed to be used to human visitors too because they got really close to us.

Too fucking cool.

Never been this close to an elephant before. Took a lot of pictures and of course videos (which I will post later).

Overall really cool experience.

No funny stories here because the main characters were the elephants, and that’s all we did.

Was admire the majestic elephants.

You all need to try this in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Written from Toronto, Home on July 11, 2018


    1. Absolutely! One of the reasons why I didn’t do any elephant activities in Thailand (I was not sure which ones in Thailand were legitimate). It was good to see the elephants just roaming around on their own will.

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