Want to know where the best street in Yangon is?


This such an easy question. I have not had an easier question since Life Boss asked why I like to run around butt naked (the answer is simple, it’s more comfortable).

The best place to chill in Yangon is the 19th Street!


What’s so good about the 19th street Choi?

Another simple question.

Why is any street cool to begin with? The food! The food makes it cool!

I would say the majority of our time in Yangon was spent here. Mostly because the food was here. Also because there is literally nothing to do in Yangon.


Our first food stop was at a food stall.


Life Boss seems to have a knack for good street food, so when she pointed to this ghetto looking food stall I didn’t argue. I went along with her.



  • This little noodle fucker here only set me back 500 kyats aka this is cheap as fuck. These noodles were so good too, great texture, great flavors. What is it called? I couldn’t tell you. Do some googling or just show this picture to some locals alright? It’s just good, that’s all you need to know really. Yangon

The second food stall was something I picked.

Which usually means it’s not as good as the choices life boss makes.

And this time it was no exception.

  • This gooey rice pork dish did not hit the spot like the previous noodle stall did. Was too sweet for me as well. Though there were a lot of locals eating it so I guess this is more tailored to their taste buds? Don’t know. Was good, but wasn’t “I am going to fall off my chair” kind of good. Yangon

Also, if you are hoping for a clean environment to eat at then you are at the wrong place. Go to some fancy hotel to eat okay?



The final restaurant we went to on the 19th street was for dinner.

It was also our last dinner in Yangon so what better to end the trip then with some kick ass BBQ!?


How it works here is you pick out skewers for them to BBQ. We got a bunch of shit that I don’t remember now! It’s been too long!

Come on Choi! Take some more detailed notes next time!



Although actually the barbeque is not that good. Meat wasn’t marinated enough and was actually quite tough. That’s why we went and ordered some stir fry dishes. One particular dish was exceptionally good.

Guess which one?

The watercress dish!

wow really

Yeah I know…never thought I’d say that either. It was so good we even ordered two of it lol. We also ordered the sour and pork dish but it was nothing to rave about so I will just show you a picture.


There’s really nothing to do in Yangon. But I must say they have the best food quality and selection in all the cities I have been in Myanmar so far (Mandalay, Inle Lake, Bagan) [INPUT LINKS HERE].

We had a great time eating here!



Written from Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Lounge on June 12, 2018

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