Hong Kong


In an earlier post…

I discussed what is more important: Great Service or Great Food.

In that post I said that if you give me great food, I am okay with you being an ass to me.

This was once again put to the test when we visited Salted Pig for dinner.


The first sign of bad service came when we entered the restaurant and we were greeted with a less than friendly waiter.

Maybe I am spoiled from all the good service in Hong Kong, but one of the first thing I usually get is a smile from the hostess.

Unless I am in a dai pai dong (local food stall) then yes I expect to get fucked in the ass.

Not in these kind of places.

Minus one point.

Not Impressed

Sat down and I said please give us some water.

The waitress proceeded to give us one glass of water only.

What the fuck?


It doesn’t take a genius to see that we had three people.

Why would you only give us one glass of water?

What a fail…

We began to order food….

Although at this point I was annoyed as hell.

The food better be so good that I get over your stupid shitty service!

  • Life boss got the suckling pig because that’s how she rolls. She was said it was average…Untitled
  • Le father got the fish..said it was average…Untitled
  • I got the pulled pork sandwich. This dinner was all about my pulled pork sandwich. It was really GOOD! Untitled

My meal was the only good one.

Which means this was a fail of a restaurant.

Although I really liked my pulled pork sandwich. But life boss said it was nothing spectacular so I guess it’s shit.

Sorry Salted Pig you fail.



Written from Koh Samui, Seadance Resort on May 20, 2018

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