A bridge that is beautiful?

Feel like that is a contradictory sentence.

How can a bridge be sexy and beautiful?

Easy. Situate it in the middle of the valley and jungle as follows:

Sri lanka

Sri Lanka

My favorite place in Sri Lanka by far (in addition to the Rock Fortress of course).

I loved the 9 Arches bridge because its a mixture of human engineering embedded with the beauty that is mother nature. Just the combination of the two makes this very enjoyable for me.

Getting here is a total bitch though.

We had to walk through a couple of huts which I can only assume are peoples homes. I would be pissed if that was my house and have these random ass tourist walk through just to see a damn bridge.

Luckily I don’t live there.


Thanks local people for letting me through.

The walk down was still steep though. Life boss slipped on her ass a couple of times, in which I DID LAUGH! We are making progress people!

Sri Lank

I guarantee you will be taking a lot of photos once you arrive though.

Because there’s just so much photo opportunities here! If you don’t take any photos then you area foo.

Walk all the way and not take a picture. Even the locals were taking pictures, so don’t act like a stuck up foo okay?

Take your camera and snap some photos!


But be careful, the train still runs through here so if you hear a honk, get the fuck out.

Don’t get killed please.

Other than that, enjoy the beautiful 9 Arches bridge. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Written from Toronto, Home on July 15, 2018

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