Vang Vieng


“Lets go tubing. It’s on my bucket list” – Life Boss.

What the fuck is tubing was what ran through my mind.

But not wanting to look like a dumb ass I immediately said sure.

Boy was I ever glad I said yes, because Tubing is DAMN fun. It really pays off to be dumb sometimes.  But for those that really don’t know what tubing is, I can tell you now (because I did it already so I can tell you now).

So what is tubing. 

Tubing is sitting in a floating donut and then float down a river. Then you make multiple stops to drink beer.

That is tubing. Or my version of tubing.


Yeah. It’s really an excuse to drink.

It used to be very popular in Vang Vieng.

One of the main activities to do here actually. But it has really died down ever since the government cracked down on the drugs (I was told backpackers came here to do drugs).

You can really tell it died down when there was only 8 of us in the entire river LoL. But I actually enjoyed not having as much people around. It was a lot more chilled.



Sorry for the shitty photo quality. I took it with my go pro.


You didn’t think I would bring my camera along while floating on a damn donut in the middle of the river would you? Get the fuck out.


But it was really nice just lifelessly floating around. The current was not strong though, so it took us forever to get to all the bars (2 in total).

Until mother nature decided to be a motherfucking bitch and started raining a shit storm.


Life boss was actually scared of the storm.

Life boss actually scared of something? What was she scared of?

That we would get electrocuted by the lighting bolt because we were in the river. 

I am not statistician, but pretty sure that doesn’t happen a lot. But yeah, she was scared.

And I guess our guide finally realized it’s probably not a good idea to leave 8 tourists just floating lifelessly on a river when it’s about to pour. So he came with a speed boat to pick us up.

Actually no, he did not pick us up because we did not sit in the speedboat itself.

We just literally hung on to the boat for dear life while he speeds through the rest of the river, to the final bar. Thanks, great tubing experience Mr. Guide.


It was pouring as you can tell. And the damn car won’t pick us up right away. So we just ordered a beer to kill time at the final bar because there was nothing else to do.

What better to kill time than to have a beer right?

good job

Hope you all get a chance to go tubing!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 2, 2018

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