The Annual Canadian Tulip Festival.

I did not know there was such a festival. And I lived in Toronto, Canada all my life. When life boss told me I felt like a total noobie. Like what the fuck is a tulip festival? Better yet, why the FUCK am going to a tulip festival? I didn’t tell this to life boss of course because I would have gotten my ass kicked. But really, it’s just a bunch of flowers no?



Well. I am glad that Life Boss did drag me out because aside from Tulip watching we also got to see the beautiful city of Ottawa! (You can read more about it in my Ottawa section, if I posted it of course – I don’t really post in order). We also got to eat shitty food which is always a highlight of my life. Eating shitty food…sigh.

And to be honest, it was quite cool looking at tulips. They are very different than the flowers I usually see. They look very colorful. I wonder why they don’t die though. It was damn windy and cold in Ottawa when we went. Do they not die very easily? The ones the hotel gave us died really quickly……so I don’t know. Yes I am going off on a tangent now.




Quick tip.

If you want to see the tulip festival in Ottawa don’t come in the afternoon. And if you have to, absolutely DO NOT bring your car. There is not enough parking and you will just be stuck in traffic for 1 hour +. And you still won’t get in. My tip? Come in morning. Benefit # 1 – not a lot of people so you can actually take nice photos of the tulips without people photo bombing it. Benefit # 2 – you can actually find a parking spot (though we took an uber it because we are lazy fucks).


Written from Toronto, Home on May 20, 2019

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