I am beginning to think Boston does not have a lot of good restaurants.

Not because our meal at the Daily Catch was shit. No quite the opposite this meal was absolutely AMAZING. The reason why I am making this comment is because every single damn good restaurant in Boston requires a lineup! Like its super packed. Makes me think that this is due to the fact the number of good restaurants is limited, hence why people tend to congregate to one of these few good eateries. My two cents. You people that live in Boston, you tell me, is it constantly PACKED at the good restaurants?

Daily Catch - North End


Life boss and I thought we would be able to beat the rush by coming at 11 (they open at 1130). When we got there there was already a line -,-. The fuck. To make matters worse, they made everyone wait till 1230. I swear their chef had a big ass party the night before. Man don’t advertise your opening hours as 1130 if you are going to open at 1230.

Not Impressed

I had super high expectations by the time we entered into the restaurant.

Any restaurant that makes you wait 1+ hour naturally does that to Choi. Sat down and noticed this was a cozy, small restaurant. Mmm. Okay good start. Life boss loves this kind of atmosphere so this is good for Choi. There were a lot of pasta options on the menu, though I had my sights set on only one. The lobster Divavolo. Why? Because Life Boss has been raving about this dish since the day we landed in Boston (which was only a day ago=p).

Unfortunately this dish is huge as fuck and Life Boss wanted to try other dishes, specifically the squid ink pasta. What to do? Easy, switch in the squid ink pasta into the Lobster Diavolo! We are too smart.



We placed our orders and waited patiently for our food (we also added an order of calamari because why the fuck not). We watched the chef cook and let me tell you something now.

Super impressed with the chef.

There was at least 8 other tables and he was multi tasking like a fucking boss! If it was me in the kitchen no one will be eating because 1) I don’t know how to multi task 2) I don’t know how to cook. #2 is probably the main root cause but anyways you get the point.




The calamari came first. Crispy, fresh, hot. Yep. Was impressed with the food right from the get go.  Alright maybe this place is worth the wait after all. We ordered the small because as mentioned earlier, the Lobster Diavolo is supposed to be as big as a baby. We gobbled this appetizer up and eagerly waited for our next dish.


Then it came.

Lobster Diavolo
Lobster Diavolo




This was freaking huge. We struggled finishing it and that’s saying something because Choi usually can finish most of the food placed in front of him. It’s also why I am fat. Anyways. DAMN HUGE. and DAMN delicious. Though I honestly don’t know the difference between squid ink pasta and normal pasta. Tastes the same to me? Anyhow, the pasta was FULL of seafood. Aside from lobster, you also get clams, more squid, more calamari, all mixed with a spicy tomato sauce. THAT’S MY KIND OF PASTA YO!.

Daily catch, you are worth the wait!

Written from Toronto, Home on April 27, 2019

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