A bachelorette party….for guys.

What a fun night. It’s been awhile since all the guys chilled together and got drunk. Did we go crazy? A little bit, but not too crazy for our standards. We are getting old. We hopped 5 bars though, which was a nice accomplishment. We started the day with a brewery tour at the distillery district. It was alright. Small ass brewery to be honest, had to pay 10 bucks but was pretty good considering you get 4 samples. We then went to El Cantrin for a shot of tacos and tequila shots. The tacos got us super hungry, so we quickly went to dinner.

This is when the party turned into a bachelorette party. Why do I say such things? Well, instead of having beers + shots we ended downing bottles of white wine at a very nice restaurant called Pearl Diver. I don’t think I’ve ever had just wine with a bunch of guys. Secondly, Pearl Diver is a a fine dining seafood restaurant. We usually go with all you can eat deals lol. After dinner we bar hopped some more, until we got hungry again and went to eat hey noodles. Yes, all we did was drink and eat. That’s really all you need. We stopped by hooters too, downed a beer there. Finally, ended up a bar across from hooters, where we downed Derilium. Jeez.


Chill city
Tequila shots
Pearl Diver
Bachelorette Partay
Delicious food

Written from Toronto, Home on Sept 29, 2019


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