My first ever trip to Guyana.

It was a wonderful, eye opening, full of learning opportunities type of trip. We started our journey from Pearson with a 1 hour delay, meaning we are not leaving till 12AM (yes red-eye). We made a pit stop by the Port of Spain (which is Trinidad’s capital, another thing I learned). I thought we would make up the time there, but nope we waited for 2 hours. The delay was because there was a lot of fog in Georgetown, which made it dangerous to land. Okay, that’s good, safety first please. Side note – I was a bit worried about Caribbean Airways, they didn’t exactly have the best reviews but overall, it was quite a comfortable flying experience. That being said, I will still try another airline next time. When we got into Georgetown, we passed through customs with no hiccups (they didn’t even check my yellow fever records…). We shot right to the local airport (I forgot the name) and proceeded to ride on this 10 seater, one engine airplane.

Oh shit.

This was so scary. Being the smart ass that I am, I decided to google beforehand the safety history of single engine airplanes. The stats are not good. Life boss was also not impressed with this type of transportation and was yelling at me the night before. The flight itself was very bumpy, and I swear the other pilot was a damn trainee. I heard ” this is how you turn the plane on”. Oh shit. Well, I am alive (obviously) so nice, but I don’t think I will ever go onto this type of aircraft again.

During our flight though, I think saw what should be the amazon river. I could be terribly wrong, so I apologize if this is inaccurate. Still, it was amazing to see miles and miles of trees and river. Nature at it’s best. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to just go out to the wilderness and be one with nature. But that can never happen because I need a clean bathroom and a nice bed with air conditioning. LoL. Yes, domesticated. Love Guyana!

I think this is the amazon river?
Aerial view of Georgetown (I think)
Scary ass plane
Pilot (not the trainee)
Hopping on to this scary ass plane

Written from Toronto, Home on Aug 25, 2019


  1. What I got from your story? Never google your transport options if there is only one option and you have to go to that destination. 🙂 Seriously though, I like the neighborhood street. It seems so neighborly.

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