Thunder Bay


Last meal in Thunder Bay!

Making it sound like I was here for a long time.

Nah was only here for 2 nights.

Our client told us that the head chef at Caribou was the former head chef for The Keg, which can only mean one thing – the steak at Caribou must be super awesome. For those that like the Keg anyways. I like the keg, that’s why I had a good feeling going to this restaurant. Plus it’s Thunder Bay, not like there is a lot of options to choose from. On the menu there was pizza, pasta, and steak.

I really wanted pizza but have been carbing like no crazy. I also had pizza the night before. So fine, let’s take a break and eat some meat instead.  Got the 10 oz steak because why the fuck not. Wanted medium rare, pretty sure my steak was leaning towards medium but meh it was still a good cut. We ordered calamari to start, but I didn’t think it was fried enough. We ended the meal with dessert, where I ordered the lemon tart. love lemon tart. Overall, this is consistent with the Keg so nothing too special, but also not shitty. Just consistent. And damn it’s cold in Thunder Bay.

My 10 oz steak
Our steaks
Lemon Tart

Written from Days Inn, Thunder Bay on Nov 12 2019

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