New York


Who is Jean Georges?

Another famous chef that I have never heard of lol. Luckily for me Life boss is more cultured so she knows which chef restaurants to look for. This particular one is called ABC by Jean Georges.

I am always wary of french food (been burnt) many times, but life boss assured me this is not a french restaurant. She was right because the portions were pretty decent. She was wrong in that like many french restaurants, the food was aight.

For mains she got the salmon, I got the mushroom pizza for mains. The pizza was meh, nothing special. I prefer my pizzas with tomato sauce base, but this one didn’t have much. I guess I should have asked about it. The salmon per life boss was fresh (which is the motto of the restaurant). Well having fresh ingredients should be the basic expectations for all restaurants, so not sure how impressed I am with that. The calamari to me was the winner. So damn fresh and good. We also got this crab meat on toast which life boss really liked. I was okay about it, wasn’t going crazy.

Just another “french” restaurant in my opinion.

Crab Meat on Toast
Mushroom Pizza
Our chocolate cake

Written from Lexington Hotel, New York City on November 24, 2019

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