Life Diary


Well with each passing quarantine day it just feels like this is the new norm.

I am forgetting what it feels like to be out and about on a weekend. Wonder how the adjustment will be when the city re-opens. Probably hard and awkward to be chilling at a bar. But i miss being at a bar. Sigh, fuck you COVID!

If there was one blessing in disguise during these shitty times is that Life Boss has more time to make delicious food. And all this night, she made Vietnam Pork Chop! Or is it called Vietnamese “Mong”? “Mung”? I have no idea. All I know is her pork chops were marinated to perfection yum yum. Hope she makes some more soon.

How did she make it you ask?

Good question.

I don’t know.

You go ask her. All I know is I got to eat delicious food!

Viet Noodles
Delicious Marinated Pork Chops
Our meal

Written from Toronto, Home on April 26, 2020

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