I apologize for not posting earlier.

Combination of me being lazy and not having anything to do with my life during the lockdown. I guess I could have written about baby boss’ sleep training journey (success by the way), but yeah didn’t really feel like writing the last few weeks. Really need this stupid covid19 thing to go away so we can actually go out and travel and/or try new restaurants out! So yes, I will try to post more often, just need to have more ideas!

So, let’s get on with this post shall we? Of course about a new place that we tried called Ganesh.

This is a Sri Lankan take away / catering place.

But to be transparent, we were looking for Indian food.

Meh, always up to try something new.

We ordered the roti + tandoori chicken + daal. Yes life boss loves her daal. When we were ordering the food we were thinking indian, so hence when I received my roti I was a bit disappointed. I thought I would be eating a saucy as fuck roti, but nope this one was dry. Life boss’ daal was a bit watery too. But this is not the problem of the restaurant. We were foos for thinking the food here would be indian style when it’s a Sri Lankan restaurant.

We were just not used to the flavors / texture, again my roti could have used some more sauce but I guess that’s how the Sri Lankans eat it? The chicken within the roti was pretty good though I thought.

The winner here is definitely the tandoori chicken. Can definitely get a bucket of these bad boys next time when we watch a movie / game.


Our meal
Another shot of this

Written from Toronto, Home on December 28, 2020


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