Wow, it’s been a minute since I had pekking duck. Or beijing duck.

Whatever you want to call it.

Life boss and I was craving some pekking duck, so we decided why the hell not! We found this really good chinese BBQ place called “Happy BBQ“, yes zero points for creativity but 100 points for quality products. The owner / bbq man was also very nice, unlike your typical BBQ places in Toronto. So yes, I love this place.

I have never gotten a whole duck before, so I was a bit newbish when it came to ordering this. I thought I would pay by the pound, but nope, it was about 40 bucks for the entire duck. Nice. We also wanted to try cutting it ourselves, so sure, told the man not to cut it for us. Think he was happy, saved him some labour.

We have gotten your typical cha siu rice on other occassions, but of course I am an idiot and didn’t bother taking photos of those meal sessions. Really good again. They also have very good tofu, highly recommend.

Back to the pekking duck, we had wraps, all the required condiments, etc etc. REALLY GOOD MEAL. We should do this again soon….





Written from Toronto, Home on Feb 21, 2021

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