Party at LKF

It’s 1Am right now, I really should be sleeping but…don’t feel like it. Going to pay for it tomorrow but meh.Had a lot of fun over the weekend! My good friend Jenny’s birthday!

Went to LKF on saturday to party it up!  Thought I share some pictures and commentary from it!

Pre drinking

Like all clubbing parties, you have to pre drink.  So we did that.  Played drinking jenga.  If someone succeeds everyone drinks.  If they fail, they drink a whole cup. hah. it was fun.

Then played beer pong.  We lost to the girls Nuff said.

We also went to a bar first.  Had this drink called the waterfall. It was a pretty awesome drink!!

7 Heaven

Me rocking out at the club.

Club was called 7 Heaven.  It was nice.  Justin got us in for free.  Kudos to him.  I didn’t really like the music though.  A lot of trance and dance n shit.  I like the hip hop stuff. Beijing clubbing was still the best IMO.

But nonetheless. It was fun.

Me and the birthday girl!!!

Going to be in guangzhou next week.  That should be interesting.  Need to do some research on what to do.  Co worker says there’s nothing. lol.

Limp Bizkit

I love this song.

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