Hong Kong


The Seafood Market at Tai Po!! Came here  during the long Easter Holiday with a couple of people.  For those that want a local experience this is one of the places to go to!


It’s really easy to get here, just hop on the MTR and get off at the Tai Po station.  Once you get off, look for exit A (see photo below):


Once you get out of this exit, just keep walking straight until you hit a dead end.  The Tai Po market is just on your right!!

On the main floor of the market, you will find a lot of seafood selections.  This ranges from fish, to shrimp to clams to abalone!  Just purchase the seafood directly from the vendors.  I snapped some photos of how it looks from the inside, so enjoy!



Caution – it is quite slippery here so do be careful when you walk around.  There’s also quite a lot of people here during dinner time, so be mindful of that.

Once you have done this head to the second floor of the market to where the local restaurants are.  Here you can have the local restaurants cook your seafood for you, charging approximately 50HKD (about 8 dollars Canadian) per dish.  Here’s of the dishes that I had:



The whole meal came up to 1000HKD (about 125 CAD) for four people.  This is pretty good considering we had fish, shrimp, crabs, clams and abalone.  The only thing I would say though is just like all food market places, I have to question the cleanliness.  However, I haven’t had much problem eating these type of food so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.  You can just order a lot of alcohol to kill the bacteria anyways =p.

I hope you get a chance to try this place out! Cheers!



    1. Do try the seafood there! it’s as fresh as getting it from Sai Kung.

      I am following your blog too now! You’ve done so much more in HK than I have (also living in HK)..I am going to use your blog as a referral for places to visit!

      Thanks for dropping by!

      1. That’s cool! Thanks Munky, really appreciate it.

        Keep up your blog, I discovered it just now and really enjoy reading it.

        Great to see that you are a fellow hiker too – maybe meet up on the hiking paths some time soon?

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