Racism Still Exists, and Donald Sterling is a sad man

There is a currently a big controversy happening in the sporting world (specifically basketball or the NBA).  The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling allegedly made some racist remarks towards African Americans.  The NBA is currently investigating the authenticity of this allegation.  There has been a lot of outrage and criticism being raised right now.

I am not hear to argue whether this man is right or wrong (the answer is obvious).  I myself is full of imperfections, and is probably the last person to give any guidance or advice on how to deal with this matter.  What I do want to say is that racism has always existed, and that we would be naive to think that racism was never in existent until Donald Sterling made those remarks.
We need to accept that fact that racism is still among us.  As much we want to think we live in a modern society, things like racial discrimination, poverty, and child abuse still run rampant.

If you ask me whether we can fully ever get rid of these negative factors in our society?  I will tell you no. There are always going to be people that will never understand the beauty of the different cultures and races that exists.  And when people don’t understand, they get afraid.  This fear drives them to repel the supposedly “outsiders”.  This is Donald Sterling.

He never saw the happiness of those living in the Dharavi slums in Mumbai, India.  He never saw the beautiful cultural mix that exits in Toronto, Canada.  The vibrant community of Hong Kong? Never.

He is a man of riches, and successful in his own right.  But he never saw the the beauty in the differences this world has to offer, and that, is sad.

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