Stay Home Or Go Out During the Holidays?

So this is something I always struggle with when it comes to Holidays.  Should I stay home and rest, or go out and party?

The perks of staying home is obvious.  Living in the bustling city of HK, it’s a nice change to have some peace and quiet at home.  You have your alone time, don’t need to worry about the stress of city life, and just be in your own zen zone.  I find being at home is always relaxing, as I can nap, exercise, eat, watch TV, play video games, and basically anything I want to do without the constraint of having to plan or coordinate where to meet with other people.


Of course, you might argue this just sounds like me being anti social.  But I need alone time =p Just to rewind if anything.

Going out?  Several things that come to mind.  First, if the weather is great you don’t want to waste it indoors.  If it was raining, then it makes my decision much easier to stay home.  But the weather during the long Easter weekend was absolutely amazing, and I definitely didn’t want to waste it at home.  Of course going out also means you get to see your friends, which is always a good stress reliever.  But going out with friends also means you will be drinking, and I have been drinking a lot lately lol which is not good for my liver.

There’s really no right or wrong answer to this question haha.  I usually go with my mood for that day, but did make it a personal goal to go out more, instead of staying indoors.  I really want to get tan.

haha, that’s it for this random post!

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