Food For Thought

The More You Chase Something, The Farther It Goes Away.

Do you agree with that statement?  I think in life, you just have to go with the flow.  Just be natural.  Sometimes you may want something really really bad.  But it’s funny how at times, the harder you chase something, the farther it goes away.


Maybe because life is not fair.  But then that’s just an excuse.  You need to put in the work, in order to get the results.  Hence the saying practice makes perfect.

But no one is perfect.

So why do we keep trying hard to get that one thing that we want?  Is it because of our needs? Our wants?  Our desire to take control?

I read this book called “The Game” a couple of years ago.  Yes it is about a pick up artists.  But the hidden message in that book also goes with the theme of this post.

You have to play it cool.  You have to look like you don’t care.  Then, it will come to you.  Whatever it is that you desire.  Could it be because when that object of your affection sees that you don’t care, that it actually increases your chances of obtaining it?

Or maybe because you have now flipped the script, now you are the challenge?

I am still a firm believer you need to put in effort to achieve your goals.  But sometimes in life things just don’t work out.

The more you chase something, the farther it goes away. So why don’t you just stay where you are?


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