Hong Kong


Welcome to Stanley, Hong Kong! For those that don’t know, Stanley is a town and tourist attraction in Hong Kong.  Located between Shek O and Repulse Bay, it is a vibrant community with a lot of restaurants, shops and beaches.

One of my regrets so far, is that although I live in Hong Kong I haven’t really explored Hong Kong!  So this long weekend I took the opportunity to visit Stanley! It’s really easy to get to Stanley. You can take buses 6, 6A from the exchange tower in Central that goes directly to Stanley.   Since Stanley is such a popular place, there are many other ways you can get there so just simply google directions to Stanley if the buses noted above doesn’t get you there.



As mentioned earlier, Stanley is famous for it’s market, conveniently titled “Stanley Market”.  Took the opportunity to stroll through this market with my co workers.  The shops were selling very neat items, ranging from clothes to electronics to cool decor for your home to home made jewelry.  If you like shopping then you should drop by this market.

After walking through the market, we walked around the entire Stanley area, including the famous pier where a lot of newlyweds take their engagement photos.  I also took a picture of the Murray House, which used to be situated in Central.  My co worker told me that this house used to be haunted, and that the government actually hired priests to exorcised the demons in this building.  Why they moved the building to Stanley is beyond me.   Here’s a couple of photos:

Famous Pier:


View from the pier:


Our final destination was to hit up the beach in Stanley.

I can’t remember the last time I actually visited the beach, so I was happy to be able to lie on sand again.  The day was just right!  It was warm, with a cool breeze.  We laid there for about 1 hour.  I took the opportunity to take a nap while getting a nice tan.  Definitely must visit more of the Hong Kong beaches this summer.

Thank you Stanley for a great time!


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