Da Marco is one of the popular ex-pat italian restaurants in Shanghai.  There are several restaurants located in Shanghai.  The one I visited was located in XuJiahui.  I went here because I was craving a pizza and a beer, side note i haven’t found good pizza yet in Hong Kong.  This is one dish that I crave everywhere that I go.


I know what you might be thinking.  “You are in Shanghai, why would you eat western food”.  Well, since I am a  Canadian boy it’s only natural that I have a love for burgers, fries, beers and wings, and pizza.

Anyways, I sat outside in the patio since it was a gorgeous day out. Proceeded to order a beer and a pizza:


It’s definitely better than the pizza’s that I have had in Hong Kong. You can see there a lot of toppings.  Olives, green peppers, ham, pepperoni, cheese etc. It was delicious.  I am actually getting kind of hungry just typing this.  I really need to find a good pizza place in Hong Kong.  Any good recommendations?

Anyways, it’s not hard to find a Da Marco restaurant in Shanghai.  You can simply find the nearest one to you online.  Or if it all fails, you can just drop by XuJiaHui since the train stop is right beside the mall, where Da Marco is located.

If you are an expat and want to have some pizza, go to Da Marco for a try!!!  3

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