There’s a pretty famous goose meat restaurant in Ximending called Ya Rou Bian.  The exact address is No.98-2 Yi Section,Zhonghua Road, Taipei, Taiwan (Wanhua District) .  It’s really easy to find, since Ximending is a popular tourist area.

You can’t miss this restaurant, just walk down Zhonghua road and you will find the following restaurant:


The name translates to duck restaurant.  However, they actually see goose meat here! So for those that have never tried goose meat, definitely drop by this place.

You can order one bowl of noodles that comes with two pieces of meat (yeah small).  That’s why when we went there we ordered two bowls of noodles, plus a order of half a goose.  The meat was pretty good! Not too tough, not too oily.  But I read online for the reviews of this restaurant, and did note the reviews do vary, so may it just depends on your luck?  Try it out when you are in the area! I took a picture of the food (see above), so you can be the judge if you are interested in visiting this restaurant:


The atmosphere is like your typical tourist area.  A lot of people, crowded and they generally want to move you along so they can sit the next set of customers.  I didn’t particularly mind it since I was ready to move on to the next food vendor to try out more food!

It is costly here as well.  The quarter goose meat plus two small bowls of noodles totaled 500NTD.  Expensive for Taiwan standards.

Let me know what you think if you ever come here!

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