Hong Kong


Welcome to Cheung Chau! A small island that is 10KM away from Hong Kong Island.  It only has a population of 23000 people, so it doesn’t have the craziness that Hong Kong island has to offer.  Cheung Chau has a couple of beautiful beaches, temples, and also a pathway for hiking.  It also has a lot of good food, although I didn’t get a chance to try it because I was feeling less than 100%.


How do you get there you ask?  Easy. Take the ferry from Central Pier.  To be more exact, take Pier #5.  The cost of a one way ticket is about HKD25 (less than USD4).  The ferry ride is about 45 minutes and is fairly comfortable.   Pier # 5 is shown as follows:


Really easy to get to, and you can’t miss it as there are signs everywhere that will tell you how to get to Cheung Chau.

Once you reach Cheung Chau, you can either go left and right.  Going left will lead you to the beaches, while going right will lead you to a hiking trail.  Or, you can stay where you are and find a restaurant to your liking.


Cheung Chau is popular for it’s seafood (it has a port so sea food is readily available).  It’s definitely on my to try list next time I come back.

That’s it for this post! Will talk more about the beaches and the hiking trail in my next post!!



    1. Thanks for Dropping By! I read your post and I am glad you enjoyed Hong Kong. Not sure if you are still but definitely come back a few more times! I really love Hong Kong since it’s such a vibrant city, good food which means fun times!

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