Ho Ho Ho! haha bad play on the name of the restaurant.  Like all chinese restaurants around the world, they all have names that shouts out “CREATIVITY….NOT”.  The chinese translation of the name of this restaurant means “Good Good”.  Good Good restaurant.  I don’t know why……but..we came here to eat anyways because my friend wanted to show his korean friend some local food.  Thus he recommended this place for some “Bo Jai Fan” aka rice in a pot.  Sure why not.

I ordered the chicken feet plus pork ribs rice pot.  As you can tell by the picture above.  Yes chicken feet, i think a lot of foreigners won’t try it but it’s so delicious, just try it.  How was it? It was alright, I had to add a lot of soy sauce to it because there was not as much flavor as I hoped.  Maybe I’ll try another combo next time.  I also like my pot rice spicy, which to my dismay they did not have that option.  I recall having one in Toronto where they would soak the pot rice with soy sauce and chili peppers together.  Delicious.

Despite my okay review of this place, the restaurant was packed which can only mean two things:

1) The restaurant is damn good and that’s why its packed

2) The restaurant is located in MK and that’s why its packed

Either explanation is plausible.  Speaking of Mong Kok, there’s sooo many people here.  Not my favorite place to hang out, but this restaurant is located here.  The open rice page is here.

Address is 旺角花園街1L-1R號鴻禧大廈地下2號舖.  For those that can’t read chinese… i am sorry.. i don’t know how to translate it to english..just….press map on the open rice page….

3Can’t miss this place.  The sign is bright yellow.  If you are color blind, then look for a restaurant with a lot of rice pots:


bahah happy rice eating.

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