Time for more brunch! Moose Gibson is located in 77 Jurgens Street, Woolloongabba so you can simply plug it into your handy dandy GPS. It’s owned by some Rugyby player, not that I will be able to remember his name because I don’t watch Rugby.  It is a pretty hardcore sport.  It’s like American Football without the helmets and safety pads.  I saw a game and everyone was bruised and bleeding.  Yet they played on haha.


As you can see, I was trying to be healthy in ordered a chicken burger, with salad.  omggggggg. That’s right.  I am eating salad.  To balance out my food groups, I also had a beer.  who says you can not drink during brunch.  I really don’t know why I ordered the chicken burger though (don’t get me wrong) it was good, but looking at the what girls ordered made me kind of jealous:



The first picture is a salad dish (duh), not sure what the second dish was but it looks super delicious.  Maybe next time I should just order what the girls get, they seem to have a knack of what would taste good.  Or maybe because I order the same thing over and over again.  haha.

This place is located near the industrial area of Brisbane, but it’s really easy to get to.  It’s not like it’s in a ghetto area so don’t worry about it.  It’ s an open concept restaurant, which was perfect as it was summer.  Love summer breeze and the warmth the season provides.


As I am writing this, I am getting to go to the airport for my Toronto trip.  SOOOOO not looking forward to the damn cold…..I have gotten weak I know.


Clip board menu.  Yo, i think one day if i ever cook for friends and family I will also have my own clip board menu, but it will consist of two dishes:



hahhahaa.  The drink list will be a bit longer though, as there will be beer and wine.  The Munky Restaurant has now been born.



  1. Came across your blog today; I have to say it’s making me very hungry. I loved Brisbane when I was there two years ago; I wish I had come across this then.
    P.S. I wish it was cold here in T.O.! 29 degrees does not feel cold.

    1. Are you talking about the same girl that took you on an amazingly unforgettable impromptu surprise trip to Aberdeen? I hope so.(to clarify: I’m referring to the much awesomer Aberdeen that is NOT in Scotland…just in case someone else took you on a less fun trip to Aberdeen, Scotland…I hear it’s pretty lame in cor2pmison&#8a30;)Portland misses you too.Can’t wait to see/hear about all your crazy adventures.

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