It was a rainy day, so why not visit a nearby falls in Jeju?  When I say nearby it’s all relative, the island of Jeju is really small.  Our colleague from Korea joined so we were able to drive around, and one of the stops he took us to was Eongtto Falls.  Since it was raining we had to purchase some raincoats.  We purchased 4 different colors of raincoats, really liked them.  It’s so convenient, you just wear it and then walk outside without giving a damn about the rain.


I personally don’t mind rain, if I had another set of clothes to change into.  Also would need to shower right away.

So like I said, we visited the Eongtotto waterfall, it’s suppose to be a relatively unknown waterfall.  On dry days this is just a cliff, but when it rains it becomes a waterfall! We were so excited! Here’s a picture of us taking photos of this wonderful, magnificent waterfall:

So gorgeous yeah?  Wait, where’s the waterfall? Yeah…….I wouldn’t consider this to be a waterfall.  It’s most like a small stream of water.  Fail.  Why is this called a waterfall.  Why did we drive all the way out here for waterfall.  Why did the lady that sold us the rain coat not tell us this was not a waterfall.


Lessons learned.

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