Was feeling adventurous one day after work. Had no plans, and nobody to eat with.  So I decided to have dinner somewhere new, yet still close to home.  So I ended up walking around festival walk which is a mall in Kowloon Tong. Came across this Italian restaurant called Amaroni’s (http://www.windy-city.com.hk/amar/).  Sure why not!?

First thought that came to mind?  This place is expensive! An average dish was about HKD150. Super expensive, but since I already sat down I can’t really just walk away.  That would look really really ugly.



Going through the menu, and saw that there was such special Italian event going on, and because of that they had some limited time offerings.  One dish that caught my eye was the “bucatini con salsicca”…..yes don’t ask me how to pronounce that.

This pasta dish consisted of garlic, tomatoes, onions and the main character italian sausages! The last ingredient was what sold me.

The portions are big, and I am thinking that this place is meant for sharing hence the high prices.  Well I didn’t know beforehand, and I had no one to share with so I just ate the entire dish myself =p.

Was it good? not really…I found it pretty bland.  The sausage was okay..but overall the dish was not fulfilling. I mean I was full, but I wasn’t satisfied….not sure if I will come again…



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  1. bland here is to a whole new level. i miss food in asia 😦

  2. There are many restaurants in HK that are better than this. Check http://www.openrice.com (like yelp.com in HK)

  3. this is my favorite place ever!! I love it haha and right next to school as well 🙂 their spaghetti carbonara is HUGE and delicious – honestly even better than the pasta in italy

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