We always say we will go for brunch on the weekends, but really that means we are just going for lunch at 1230.  This time it was my fault though, couldn’t get out on time.  So my bad.  Anyways, we wanted to drink some coffee and eat some good food so we decided to go to twenty 8 acres cafe!

The address of this nice little place is:

Shop 1, 74-80 Ivy Street, Darlington NSW, 2008

You can get more information about this cafe by visiting their website:



To start off this meal, I ordered a cappuccino.  Probably should have gotten the flat white to be more Australian, but what can you do.  Next, I pondered on what I was going to eat.  Was deciding heavily between the  beef burger or the weekend roast


This was soooo big.  Aside from the roast, there were potatoes, a lot of peas, and two “yorkshire pudding”.  I hope I got that right.  It was really good, but man the portions are huge.  I also guess that’s why it costs AUD25.  That’s pretty expensive actually.

But it was worth it.

If you are driving here I suggest you have your google maps or GPS ready, because it’s not really on the main road.  It’s tucked away in a small street so you might have some trouble finding it..just be prepared =)


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  1. Man I almost smacked my face trying to get a better look or maybe I was trying to taste it whose to say, LOL. Yummers!

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